Pheasant Feather Cat Teaser Wand

A single centre tail feather from a Ringneck Pheasant

Securely attached to a 15cm wand

The wand handle is filled with Swarovski Crystal Elements with colours chosen specifically to complement the feather (See Table Below)

** Ringneck feather lengths can vary between 45-60cm **

 Feather Colour Swarovski Crystal Elements


Smoked Topaz / Light Colorado Topaz


Jet / Black Diamond / Crystal Clear


Smoked Topaz / Light Colorado Topaz

Deep Turquoise

Blue Zircon / Light Turquoise


Emerald / Peridot


Smoked Topaz / Light Colorado Topaz


Emerald / Peridot / Chrysolite


Purple Velvet / Violet


Siam / Light Siam / Crystal Clear

Royal Blue

Sapphire / Light Sapphire

Shocking Pink

Fuchsia / Rose / Light Rose


Collections: Feather Teasers

Category: Cat Teaser, Cat Toy

Type: Cat Teaser

Vendor: Bobbleicious Boutique

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