About Us

As cat owners, we know that cats can never have enough toys. Interactive play is a great way for you and your feline friend to bond, keep them stimulated and active.

Over the years we lost count of how many toys we bought for our own cats, with so many felling apart within the first day of play. After spending time at cat shows talking to fellow cat owners, we noticed that we were not alone in this.

And so, after a little brainstorming and designing, we came up with a few designs that our cats seemed to love, and that we enjoyed just as much.

Bobbleicious Boutique was born!

The original concept was high quality interactive teasers and wands for cats. Made to be durable, colourful and very attractive to look at, using either Swarovski Crystal Elements and Pearls mixed with Polaris beads in the handle.

We wanted to offer a variety of toys for cats so introduced a range of handmade catnip toys with a difference. 

To help make our toys a little more interesting we offer a bespoke service, where you the customer can personalise the product with a name. A fun way to spoil yourself whilst spoiling your feline friend!

Bobbleicious Boutique has evolved over time and now offers a gift section for you to spoilt yourself, family and friends 

Please keep checking in to see what new products are available.

We are based in the UK and you can also find us exhibiting at various cat shows and events throughout the UK.

We look forward to hear from you soon!