Cat Teasers

All our teasers are handmade using high quality components
(sourced in the UK)
Here's a little information about them
Standard Length:
15cm acrylic tube handle
Full teaser length approximately 34cm
Pocket Size:
7cm acrylic tube handle
Full teaser length approximately 15cm
High Quality Luxury European Crystals and Polaris Beads
All teaser handles come with the Crystal bling
Beads and crystals are threaded onto the wire and placed into the tube.
This is then secured tightly to ensure they remain inside making it safe to play with. 
Stainless Steel  
Interactive ends of the teasers are made using:
Satin Ribbons
Robust Shimmering Tinsel
Crinkle and Rustling Film
Faux Fur / Fur Pom Poms


**Important Information**

It is recommended that cats be supervised when playing with all teasers.
Please keep then out of reach when you are not playing with them.
Inspect the product periodically and discard any loose material to prevent accidental swallowing