Feather Cat Teasers

All teasers in this collection have a feather end.

The handheld wand for these cat teasers is composed of a clear acrylic tube. This is filled with coloured beads:

Polaris Beads and Swarovski Crystal Elements

These are threaded onto a stainless steel wire to which your cats toy is attached and securely sealed with tight vinyl caps at either end.

You can customise the design of your wand:

Add your cattery or pets name

Choose the colour of the Polaris Beads

Please specify your personal customised choices in the section at checkout for 'Special Instructions' & 'Notes'.

You can choose a maximum of 2 colours.

Feather and Sparkle
Feather and Sparkle £10.00
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Fantasia Cat Teaser
Fantasia Cat Teaser £15.00
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Feather Sweeper
Feather Sweeper £15.00
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Flutterby Teaser
Flutterby Teaser £16.00
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Purrfect Punch Cat Teaser
Purrfect Punch Cat Teaser £18.00
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Hand Clapper Mini Teaser
Hand Clapper Mini Teaser £14.00
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