Vancat Litter

The World Branding Forum Awarded Vancat The Brand Of The Year Award For 2019 For Pet Cleaning & Sanitation Category

A Cats Favourite

Vancat provide a much more hygienic and much more comfortable environment both to our cat pals and their owners with a cat litter that is made ready for use through advanced technology.

Strong & Fast Clumping

Our cat litters, which are produced from the world’s best quality calcium bentonite ore deposits, has 4-5 times its own volume of liquid absorption and odor control.

High Odour Control

This bentonite cat litter, also known as clumping cat litter, is 100% natural and their bad odour detaining level is above 50%. The dust level is lower than 0.5% that is much below than the litter available in market.

100% Natural

They use organic and natural substances even in the additives used for the diversification of the litters.

Respect The Generosity Of Nature

  • They have 45 million tons of reserves in 7 different mines.

  • Daily production of 375 tons

  • 2,250 analyzes in 24 hours

  • 5 different granule size

  • 100% natural